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Touching Base with You, Heart to Heart

Fathers’ Day – A Tribute to My Father

It is Fathers’ Day soon and I wish to pay tribute to my father, Seet Ju San, to commemorate this very special day.

My father was only six years old when he began harvesting sugarcane in his family’s backyard. He would then sell them door-to-door, barefooted. His tireless endeavour earned him his first pair of slippers. He shared this story with my siblings and I many times, contrasting his difficult childhood with ours. We never had to starve.

As a teenager, he worked in a biscuit factory, with a meagre income. Yet, he managed to save enough to purchase his first motorcycle. Thus began his next adventure as a “Rotiman.” Rain or shine, he would ride his little motorcycle through the villages and housing estates to pedal his wares of snacks and breads. Within a few years, he accumulated enough capital and acquired his first van. He then upgraded as a “Rotiman” on the city streets.


With his diligence and frugality, he achieved another milestone by opening a convenience shop, Lucky Trading in 1980. Overtime, the shop became a household name in Malacca.

Despite his fame and fortune, Seet Ju San continued to live frugally. While we went about in our latest Nike shoes, he was unwilling to even spend on a pair of Bata work shoes he needed.

My father passed away due to a minor fall at home on 3 rd October 2017. His legacy lives on. The provision shop he founded is still in operation, currently in its 42nd year. 


What’s your fondest memory of your father or father figure? He must surely have had an impact on you, as did mine. To celebrate Fathers’ Day, send your father a gift of love. Our Fathers' Day Special are thoughtfully curated with what fathers of all ages would appreciate as a gift - something practical, delicious and nutritious.

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Good service but needs clarity on important informatiin

Labels could be clearer esp info about date of consumption etc. Also reps should know how nuts are sourced- whether or not pesticides were used etc esp how farmers. This is important info for buyers- esp those who have high consumption of nuts. Rep over the phone was lovely, and the packaging was cute too. Please work with your partners, and transparently convey to your buyers about info as such. Thank you!

Delightfully fresh and tasty

My family enjoyed this bag, especially the roasted pecans. A delicious, quality snack to have on-the-go. Also at family movie nights at home on the weekend!

An excellent mix!

An excellent mix! I've tried a few brands of mixed nuts but this bag from Origin Bulk Store is my favourite. The nuts were fresh, crunchy and tasty. I like the combination of almond, cashew nut, hazelnut and dried cranberry. Sweet goji berries add interesting flavour and texture to the mix. My family took this bag away on our annual holiday and it was gone in 2 days!


The cashews are good but almond not so.


Liked the taste of all nuts bought hazelnut mix had too much hazelnuts though, what I did not like was that non of the bags shows any weight details so cannot be sure if I got less or the amount that was stated on you internet page at the time of purchase.