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Li Ka Shing and His Two-dollar Coin

We are not sure whether this is a true story, but we are certain that it is worth learning.

Below is the write up extracted from a website. (

I was driving one morning, while reaching for my car key I dropped a two dollar coin. The coin rolled its way to the wheel of my car. I bent down and try to retrieve it as in not to waste it. A guard saw me and asked me what happen, I replied that I dropped a coin, hence the kind guard helped me. The coin was retrieved, and I got back two dollars. I then gave the guard a hundred dollars. Why did I do that?

If I didn't retrieve the two dollars, the coin would have dropped into the drain the moment I drove off. This coin would be gone forever, but now I got back two dollars and I gave the guard a hundred dollars, all this money will never be gone, it'll be circulated. Money can be spent, but it cannot be wasted.

We were thrilled to learn that a tycoon is against waste. Despite being one of the richest men in Asia, Lee Ka Shing was adamant that even a two-dollar coin was not to be wasted. Indeed, the Asian value of thriftiness runs deep in him regardless of his wealth and status.

What we focus on, expands. Don’t you think, if we adopted the same mindset like Lee Ka Shing, we would be able to attract more abundance and blessings?

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