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        "Symphony of Spring 迎春接福 " by Origin Bulk Store

        "Symphony of Spring 迎春接福 " by Origin Bulk Store" Eco Gift Hamper by Origin Bulk Store Ready Stock

        This hamper is meant for elderly or any individual who does prepare nourishing chinese soup. The content of our hamper are as below. 

        • Premium red dates 230g
        • Chinese Mushrooms太阳茶花菇  100g      
        • Goji berries 宁夏枸杞子 300g    
        • Dried Guava 320g   
        • Preserved Yellow Mango (Thailand) 350g      
        • Mixed Nuts Trail 350g      

        The net weight quoted above are by approximate.

        Value for money.

        As the philosophy of Origin Bulk Store is about advocating 


        Because the glass jars are fragile, we only deliver within Klang Valley by hand and only by Origin Bulk Store Hamper delivery service.

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