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      Gifting has always been part of our culture, no matter what the celebration is. As Malaysians, we always make it a point to give our hosts something beautiful, sweet or savoury when we visit them, be it for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali or Christmas. Events like baby showers, opening ceremonies and birthday celebrations are always made special with the presence of family and friends who never fail to bring gifts.

      Like it or not, common gifts like flower baskets and hampers are prone to be wasted. A fresh bouquet of flowers at an opening ceremony would indeed add zest to the event, but there is little value to the recipient a few days later when it will need to be disposed of.

      Festive hampers look exciting, with lots of interesting things inside, but very often they come with lots of packaging waste and the actual value of the items to the recipient could be less than half of the price tag.

      What are your options then when it comes to gifting? How about something from Origin Bulk Store? At our store, the packaging cost is minimal as we pack the well selected goodies by using only clean reused jars. Should the recipients like the products, they are welcome to return the jars and basket to us in exchange for credit to shop at our webstore.

      As we only utilise reused jars, the design of each hamper is unique and subject to the availability of the jars. Please WhatsApp us (012 477 0976) for further information.

        Eco Hamper by Origin Bulk Store
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        Snack Indulgence
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        "Nuts with Jars" by Origin Bulk Store
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