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Kintry Artisan Snacks food products

“Best consumed alone, trust us”; Hide them before they’re all gone”; those are the tag lines on Kintry products packed products. We can vouch to you that, there are so true, especially the salted egg potato chips which is highly addictive. You have been warned!

We came to know Kintry, a local artisan brand at an event and fell in love with their products instantly. We were delighted that the founder, Michelle is open to collaborate with us, and accommodate to our stringent (or extreme) zero waste fulfilment requests.

Guess how it works? All our bulk order are packed in big reusable plastic jars which we drop to them when we pick our orders. All goodies are packed in glass jars (except potato chip which we use post-consumer CNY cookie jar) at Origin Bulk Store.

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Introducing the best chocolate chip oat cookies. Deliciously made with butter, chocolate chips and a sprinkling of salt by Kintry. These wholesome healthier cookies are full of whole wheat and rolled oats. The tagline of this...
Buttery golden cookies packed with chunky roasted Macadamia nuts and bits of white chocolate chips. It's so delicious, try some, we promise it is the best cookie you've ever tasted. As this product is handmade from scratch,...
We are so impresesed by the potato crisps of Kintry which are thinly sliced and hand-cooked to perfection. Suffice to say each crisp is generously coated with REAL salted egg yolks, fragrant curry leaves and...
Rolled oats coated with decadent dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Topped with tropical coconut flakes and made with coconut oil.Ways to eat our delicious granola With yoghurt/milk for a healthy breakfast As an ice cream/frozen yoghurt...
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