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      Nut with Jars

      Do you know how long a glass jars could last? I was surprised to find out that without a proper disposal, a glass jar could actually last in the landfills for a million years. Meaning to say, a glass jars can last for numerous generations. Unfortunately, in our massive throw away cultures, most of it are only used once. Those who are more eco-friendly would clean and dry them and return to recycle centre.  Otherwise, many are left in the landfills after 1-time use. Even when a used jar is recycled, the recycling process incurs massive amount of energy and resources to turn these abandoned jars into new ones.

      Wouldn’t it be better if we can reuse these jars? With proper and yet simple cleaning procedures, we can all turn abandoned jars into wonderful storage or gifting containers.


      • To remove the labels or the jars, we soak them in water overnight. I find that the soaking would be more affective if I add a cap of garbage enzyme into the water.
      • Secondly, we scrub off the labels with wire scrub.
      • It is common that there would be still be sticky residue which you can’t scrub off. Here is a solution. Mix baking soda powder with oil, and apply the mixed paste on the residue. After half an hour, it would be ok to scrub it off.


      If the process above are not encouraging to you, look at how the clean jars could turn up to be. It is perfect for your pantry organisation. You would not need to pay an arm or a leg for the so-called best-for-kitchen organisation plastic containers.

      Other than that, you can also turn them into wonderful gifts.