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      Chinese Mushrooms 太阳茶花菇 (100g)

      Chinese Mushrooms 太阳茶花菇 (100g)

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      Dried shiitake mushrooms bring us back to our childhood days of grandmother’s cuisine. She would use them in stir-frys, soups and steamed dishes, adding a savoury flavour to her cooking. And yes. Chinese New Year would not be the same if these mushrooms were missing from the dinner table.

      Calorie-counters and weight watchers can rejoice - shiitake mushrooms contain zero fat. Packed with nutrients (shiitake mushrooms are nourished by the trees they grow on), they are amongst the “usual suspects” in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

      Have these mushrooms stocked in the pantry so that you will always have a flavourful ingredient at hand. They can last for several years if stored correctly in an airtight container in a cool place.

      We reach out for these mushrooms when making glutinous rice, vegetable stir-fry and steamed eggs with minced meat. We also add shiitake in congee and noodle soups. So good!

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