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      Raw Almonds (100g)

      Raw Almonds (100g)

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      "I like almonds as a snack. They keep my energy up but don’t make me full.” Isn't this a wonderful quote to describe almonds?

      Despite having massive amounts of nutrients (including highly-sought-after antioxidants), almonds are low in carbs. This makes it a great snack if you are trying to lose weight. The awesomeness of these humble nuts does not end there. Almonds also help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. 

      Regardless of the health benefits, there are so many ways you can use almonds in food. How about a granola bar, mixed nuts, or almond nut milk? If all of those require too much work, then how about just roasting the almonds? Without a doubt, almonds are a great snack to munch on. A jar full of almonds is a must-have in any pantry.