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      Roasted Hazelnut (100g)

      Roasted Hazelnut (100g)

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      For most Malaysians, our first encounter with hazelnuts was on a chocolate bar. We would be elated if our small allocation had a hazelnut in it. It often all came down to luck if your mother was dividing the bar between six little children.

      Today, hazelnuts are readily available in its natural form in many grocery stores. Did you know that, apart from a crunchy texture and aromatic flavour, hazelnuts are also loaded with highly-sought-after nutrients?

      They are packed with a significant amount of antioxidants. Most of the concentrated antioxidants can be found in the skin of the nut, hence the antioxidants decrease during the roasting process. Therefore, to obtain maximum health benefits, you are encouraged to consume whole, unroasted kernels with the skin on.

      Because of its high concentration of healthy fats, hazelnuts are keto-diet friendly. These nuts are also said to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer rates.