2023 Blossom Spring 花开富贵 (CNY Gift Bag)


Size: Big


This package includes

  1. 1 small jar of Goji 宁夏枸杞子 (190g)
  2. 1 small jar of Dried Scallops 中国青岛干贝 (250g)
  3. 1 small jar of Chocolates-coated Almonds 巧克力杏仁 (270g)
  4. 1 big jar of Pineapple Mix 凤梨综合果仁 (280g)
  5. 1 big jar of Cashew Mix 腰果综合果仁 (310g)
  6. 1 big bag of Pistachios 开心果 (290g)
  7. 1 big bag of Mixed Fruits Chips 综合水果干 (140g)
  8. 1 bag of Kintry Oat Cookies 巧克力燕麦饼干 (140g)
  9. 1 pc of personalised CNY Greeting Card
  10. 1 unit of reusable OBS Big Jute Bag

This gift set does not include any additional props (mandarin oranges, CNY fans deco, baskets and etc) used for the photoshoot. All photos have been edited and filtered, therefore colour may vary slightly from actual product.

If you need the gift box earlier or have any special requests, do email at admin@originbulkstore.com, or WhatsApp us at +6017 698 3160

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