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      Red Dates 新疆紅棗 (100g)

      Red Dates 新疆紅棗 (100g)

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      Open the cupboards of a typical Chinese home, and you can probably find this humble superfood sitting on one of the kitchen shelves.

      Popular because of their sweetness and the way they harmonize with other traditional herbs, red dates commonly feature in teas, soups, congee and desserts.

      When we are looking pale, recovering from an illness, or during confinement, our mothers would lovingly brew us red dates. “Makes your cheeks rosy,” they would say.

      Trouble sleeping? Red dates can help with insomnia.

      The iron content in red dates increases blood flow and eases menstrual cramps. Those who wish to detox or boost their immune system, can do so with red dates; they are high in vitamins and antioxidants.

      So stock up your cupboards with a jar of these red-coloured beauties today.