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      Dried Longan 桂圓肉 (100g)

      Dried Longan 桂圓肉 (100g)

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      Too busy to relax? Even the busiest of us need some downtime. Find yourself a quiet spot with a relaxing brew of longan tong sui (hot or cold, either way, it’s delicious). Dried longans not only help with relaxation, they are also purported to aid in circulation. Small wonder that they are a favourite gift come Chinese New Year.

      Closely related to the lychee, dried longans are loaded with vitamin C. With their immune-boosting properties and natural sweetness, they are commonly featured in Chinese soups, herbal drinks and desserts.

      Blend a handful of dried longans with smoothies, or add them to flavour water kefirs. They can also be diced to be smaller, and sprinkled on vanilla ice-cream. Yummy!

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