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      Honey Dates 大蜜枣(100g RM2.00)

        Honey Dates 大蜜枣(100g RM2.00)

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        It’s not just Winnie the Pooh who loves honey. We tend to love sweet foods since the old days of living in the forest. Sweetness indicated that a particular thing was safe for eating, like fruits.

        Chinese honey dates, also known as Golden Thread Amber Honey Dates due to its colour and skin, are ideal for sweetening dishes. As sweet as honey and larger than dried red dates, they are rich in iron and considered “cooling.”

        Instead of sugar, simply add honey dates to nourishing soups, herbal drinks or desserts. A favourite of ours is the apple and honey dates drink. A refreshing immunity-boosting drink, and kids will love it too.

        Purchase today at Origin Bulk Store and play your part in contributing to a better tomorrow. Less plastic, healthier earth.