'My journey started on a boat. I spent a year in a refugee camp. And somehow, I ended up here on Hollywood's biggest stage.'He said. 'They say stories like this only happen in the movies. I cannot believe it's happening to me. This.. this is the American dream!'

Welcome to our e-commerce newsletter! This month, we're excited to share how we're partnering with IDEAS Academy to bring hope and joy to refugee kids. The idea of this campaign was born when we watched Ke Hu Quan's Oscar winning speech above.

Isn’t this inspiring to know that one's dreams can come true despite our shortcomings?

His background reminded me of my brief tenure as a volunteer math teacher in IDEAS Academy. I recall vividly, during the very 1st day of my class, I asked each student to introduce themselves and tell me what they liked about Malaysia.

A boy stood up and said, PEACE. I was stunned. This is something that these refugee kids don't have in their home country, but we, as Malaysians, may fail to treasure it in our day-to-day life.



This holy month of Ramadan, we feel it would be great to send love to refugee kids with our fundraising campaign for IDEAS Academy which provides quality and affordable education to refugees.

For this coming 3 days, there is RM12 off for order above RM80. And we will be donating 5% of the net order to IDEAS Academy.

We believe that every child deserves the chance to thrive, no matter where they come from or what challenges they've faced. By making a purchase with Origin Bulk Store, you're helping to bring that vision to life. Thank you for your support!


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