Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I do a zero-waste purchase with Origin Bulk Store?
You can do so by choosing reusable glass jar packaging. You are encouraged to return the empty jars for reuse. For every clean and dry jar returned, we provide an RM2 credit rebate.

If you are located in the Klang Valley, we’ll make it easy for you to return your jars. We can arrange for you to pass them on to the delivery person when you get your next order. Do let us know if you have jars for return, so that we can create a special Air Way Bill for the collection.

For this hassle-free service, we have a minimal RM3 collection fee (to be offset by the credit rebates). Let's keep our riders safe by properly packing the empty jars prior to collection.

Click on the video below to see how:

2. How do you pack orders to keep it “zero waste”?
All our products are packed in repurposed glass jars, for which we implement an RM2 refundable deposit per jar, and on 1 condition that the jars are returned clean and dry. For normal postage delivery, we only use post-consumer packaging materials. Everything is reused and recycled except for the paper tape to seal the boxes to get your products safely to you. We encourage our customers to reuse or recycle all packaging received. For the Corporate Zero Waste Programme, all orders of two (2) jars and above are packed in our canvas cloth bag to facilitate the return of empty glass jars at the next order.
3. Are your returned jars safe for reuse?
Food safety and hygiene is important to us. Every returned jar must be first cleaned and dried by you. Upon returning, we clean them a second time using hot water and environmentally-friendly soap. We then air-dry them out in the sun. These are scientifically proven methods for sanitising.
4. Do you have a minimum order for postage delivery?
There is no minimum order for delivery. For all deliveries within West Malaysia, we charge a standard flat rate of RM8.00. Enjoy a lower shipping fee of RM4.00 for orders between RM60 to RM80. Our shipping fee is waived when you order RM80 or more.

For deliveries to East Malaysia, the shipping fee is RM18 and waived for purchase of RM150 and above.
5. How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Upon receiving your order, we will pack and ship your items on the next working day. The estimated delivery time is 1 - 3 business days for the Klang Valley, and 3 - 7 business days for orders outside Klang Valley.

We will have the parcels resent should the parcel not reach you after 5 and 7 working days for Klang Valley and outstation (West Malaysia) orders upon posting.

For urgent or specific day delivery (such as for birthday and anniversary), we can arrange same-day rider delivery within Klang Valley. The riders fees are charge by distance.

For 0km to 20km from Trillium, Sg Besi RM15.00
For 20m to 30km from Trillium, Sg Besi RM30.00

7. What payment methods do you accept?
You can checkout via our online store through one of these following methods:
  1. Credit Card Payment - Accepts Visa & MasterCard
  2. FPX Payment - online banking (please select Billplz)
  3. GrabPay - mobile wallet
  4. Bank transfer* to the account below:
    Bank: CIMB
    Account number: 8009616864
    Name: Origin Bulk Store PLT

* Please send your transaction slip/screenshot or proof of payment by email to admin@originbulkstore.com

8. I like to order gift sets to be sent to several locations. Do I need to place multiple orders?
For multiple-location orders, you just need to fill up the shipping details in the excel sheet linked below and send it via WhatsApp to us at 017 698 3160. We will then create a single order for you to proceed for payment.
9. I received the email titled “Your order has been fulfilled”, but I have yet to receive my order.
The automatic email is triggered by our system upon the creation of the Airway Bill (Postage) to you. It takes about 1-3 business days for the order to be delivered to you.
10. Can I order raw trail mix?
All the nuts used for our trail mix are roasted nuts. If you prefer raw nuts, you may WhatsApp us your order number at 017 698 3160 upon placing order.
11. Can I customise my order to be sent as gifts?
Sure! Let us know your budget and preference, and we shall curate the gifts for you.
12. Is Origin Bulk Store halal-certified?
Origin Bulk Store is not halal certified, however most of our suppliers are. All of our products do not contain pork, lard or alcohol-based ingredients. You can be assured as we have Muslim customers who regularly enjoy our products.

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