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Thanks to the different ways our customers enjoy their nuts, many of our mixed nuts were created from their ideas and requests. We started with just one type. Now we have 14 mixes. So we are quite certain there's at least one mix that's to your taste. Check out the chart below for details.

Mixed Nuts Trails Ingredients Chart

What makes our mix stand out? Every single pack is especially mixed to order. Yes, they are customized just for you. And we deliver them fresh to you within four working days (for Klang Valley orders). This ensures each nut retains its own original flavour, aroma, crunchiness and nutritional value.

As we don't add any preservatives, how you store your nuts is essential to avoid contamination. Especially in Malaysia's hot and humid weather. So we recommend to keep your nuts in a cool, dry place.

Craving for a healthy snack? We guarantee to have a choice that will satisfy your hunger. Check out our huge variety of nuts including almonds, cashews, pecans and more.

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Breakfast Mix (230g / 370g) - Origin Bulk Store
Muesli for breakfast is just heavenly. Even better when you make them yourself! The Breakfast Mix contains most of the ingredients to kick-start your day - almonds, cashews hazelnuts and pecans. Simply add rolled oats...
Hearty Mix - Origin Bulk Store
We have a confession to make: we aren’t nut specialists. So when it comes to making trail mixes, we learn from the experts. There are many established brands of quality trail mixes, but for us,...
Hi 5 mix stands for 5 Favourite High Nutrient Mix. The mix consists of the 5 most go-to’s healthy snack - roasted almonds, dried cranberries, roasted cashews, roasted pecan and roasted walnuts. Why are they...
On a strict diet but have a strong urge to snack? Try Origin Mix, the perfect on-the-go super food snack. Rich in fiber, roasted almond and cashew nut keeps you full longer so you won’t...
The name says it all. This mix is specially picked for a keto fan like you! Consist of hazelnut, pecans and walnuts because they are low in carbs and high in healthy fats. Just the...
Itching for something buttery and crunchy to munch on? Not only Almond & Pecan mix is crunchy, but they also have the nutty fragrant and a slight tinge of sweetness. Just the perfect snack to...
Pamper yourself like a Royalty once in a while. Indulge yourself with the 3 most flavorful nuts! The Royal mix consists of creamy cashew and hazelnut that melts with every bite which is so good...
The signature mix gives you the burst of diverse flavour once it touches your tongue. The mix consists of roasted almonds, roasted walnuts, roasted pecans, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds is the ultimate healthy power...
Looking for something crunchy? You’re at the right trail! Pecan trail mix consists of the three most crunchy and savoury nuts - roasted almonds, roasted cashews, and roasted pecans. Munch on the Pecan Trail Mix...
Have you ever noticed how a walnut resembles the human brain? It’s uncanny right? Well, guess what... It’s actually good for your brain as well!  Your brain is the most important part of your body....
Almonds, pecans and walnuts somehow look like train trail, aren’t they? Hence the name! Also because its the perfect snack as you trail the city, the wild or just snacking on your couch. The buttery...
This special mix is created for a CEO of a listed company. Most of our mixes are with almonds, and he does not like it. So, this mix consist of cashews, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts.Glad...
Gym goers, this is the mix for you! Consist of almond and cashew the two most protein-packed nuts to help reduce your hunger and cravings. At the same time, it repairs and helps build your...
Hazelnut mix consists of roasted cashew nuts, roasted hazelnuts and roasted pecans. Do you know what makes our mix stands out among the rest? Every single jar is mix to order, and our target timeline is...
Obviously, this mix is created for fans of cashews and pecans only. Do you know what makes our mix stands out among the rest? Every single jar is mix to order, and our target timeline...
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