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It is not somebody else's problem. The Earth we live in matters to us as individuals, families, parents and citizens. It is our responsibility. As a young startup enterprise, Origin Bulk Store PLT has a big dream to implement an eco business model, mindful of waste generated in the production and distribution process.

About Origin Bulk Store - Vision


Towards a better earth, and a better you.


Origin Bulk Store PLT was founded with the mission to provide a sustainable alternative for groceries and gifting to the community.

We partner you in caring for mother earth and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

About Origin Bulk Store - Vision


We believe that it's not too late; as consumers, we can still revert to our origins, adopting some lifestyle choices that existed during our parents' and grandparents' time, when the single-use plastic and throw-away culture did not exist.

Responsible Production and Consumption are the only ways to reduce the burden of trash for our mother Earth, as we do not have Planet B.

About Origin Bulk Store - Our Belief

Thus, we adhere stringently to our zero waste policy from sourcing products, to packaging and distribution of our orders. The 5R principles of zero waste lifestyle – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot are very much part of our brand DNA.


We'll process your order and send out your healthy snacks super fresh. If you're within the Klang Valley, it'll take 4 working days for your order to arrive. For outstation addresses, you can expect it within 7-10 days.

Reused Jars - Origin Bulk Store

Reused Jars - Origin Bulk Store

Look at all these gorgeous goodies in *transformed abandoned glass jars*! A glass jar could last for decades and serves well for generations. Do not dump your jars, pass it to us!


We provide a three-prong solution of good health (superfoods) at the same time closing the loop of waste (zero waste packaging & cash rebate for every jar returned to us) and at our customers’ convenience (hassle free, saving cost and time).

Founder Huay Ping - Origin Bulk Store


Huay Ping is a passionate zero-waste advocate who knows that urging her BFFs to bring their containers along when buying groceries is a big challenge. Nonetheless, she hopes that by being their grocer, she can play a part in reducing plastic waste in other households.

“Running an eco bulk store was never going to be effortless. It would be easier to sell prepacked groceries. Besides the packaging and delivery options, we also have to ensure our products are stored optimally to prevent items like nuts from turning rancid. In spite of that, we have chosen the path less travelled, mainly because of our mission to contribute to the new normal.”


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756 reviews
Sourdough Bread
Whye khet Ng (Shah Alam, MY)
Superb taste

This is 5 star sourdough.

OBS Jute Bag
TJ (Petaling Jaya, MY)

Nice handy little tote bag with thick fabric

Signature Mix (220g / 330g)
TJ (Petaling Jaya, MY)

Great tasting mix of nuts in their purest form!

Great tasting chocolate-coated almond. It has the right amount of sweetness I like!

Hearty Mix (Bulk Pack)
Fanny Mok (Port Klang, MY)
My favorite breakfast

Hearty Mix(丰盛组合)
pecan 山核桃, cashews nut 腰果, Goji Berries枸杞子, dried cranberries蔓越莓干