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At Origin, we offer customized corporate gifts filled with healthy and delicious snacks. We believe in offering a healthy choice for all, fueling your workday, and setting your team up for success!

Show your appreciation with our fully-customizable gift boxes.

Choose from our wide variety of bread, chocolates, snacks, and nut mixes. Each box is expertly designed, lovingly packed with eco-friendly shipping materials, and carefully personalized for a beautiful and sustainable gift that represents the heart of your company.

The healthy choice for your body and our planet.

The heart and mission of Origin is to deliver food that is not only healthy for your body, but also for our planet. It is our mission to provide a sustainable alternative for groceries and gifts to you and your corporation. We go beyond healthy foods, providing a three-prong solution for good health. We combine superfoods with zero-waste packaging and customer convenience. When you partner with Origin, together we can care for mother earth and live a healthy lifestyle.

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healthy, sustainable gift

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