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A Little Something - Gift Bag

A Little Something - Gift Bag

This gift set includes: 1) 1 mini bag of Dried Apricots (100g)2) 1 small jar of Hearty Mix (200g)3) 1 small jar of Pineapple Mix (160g)4) 1 regular bag of Kintry Oat Cookies (140g)5) 1 small...
Agra (Deepavali Gift Set)

Agra (Deepavali Gift Set)

 This Deepavali Gift Package includes: 1 small jar of Pecan Mix (210g) 1 small jar of Hearty Mix (200g) 1 square jar of Chocolate Almonds (120g) 1 big bag of...
Almond Cashew Mix (250g / 380g) - Origin Bulk Store

Almond Cashew Mix Nuts

Gym goers, this is the mix for you! Consist of almond and cashew the two most protein-packed nuts to help reduce your hunger and cravings. At the same time, it...
Almond Trail Mix (200g / 320g) - Origin Bulk Store

Almond Mix Nuts

Almonds, pecans and walnuts somehow look like train trail, aren’t they? Hence the name! Also because its the perfect snack as you trail the city, the wild or just snacking...
Almond Pecan Mix (220g / 340g) - Origin Bulk Store

Almond Pecan Mix Nuts

Itching for something buttery and crunchy to munch on? Not only Almond & Pecan mix is crunchy, but they also have the nutty fragrant and a slight tinge of sweetness....
Almond Walnut Mix

Almond Walnut Mix

Almond Walnut MixThe Almond Walnut Mix is a delightful and nutritious blend of premium quality almonds and walnuts. Carefully crafted to perfection, this delectable combination offers a satisfying crunch and...
Sourdough Bread - Origin Bulk Store

Artisonal Sourdough Bread

Artisonal Sourdough Bread Just the mention of sourdough makes our mouths water. With its tangy, tart taste, sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread since ancient Egyptian times.  The...
Auspicious Delights 万事如愿

Auspicious Delights 万事如愿

This CNY package includes: 1 big jar of Hearty Mix 丰盛综合果仁 (320g) 1 big jar of Pineapple Mix 凤梨综合果仁 (280g) 1 small jar of Dried Oysters (190g) 1 small jar of Goji...
Baby Mistletoe (Xmas Gift Box)

Baby Mistletoe (Xmas Gift Box)

Looking for a gift for someone special? Get them something small and cute like our Baby Mistletoe! It consists of our 100% Vegan Lokal Chocolate-coated Almonds and the warm Hearty...
Banana Chips - Origin Bulk Store

Banana Chips

Our Banana Chips are a delightful and guilt-free snack made from ripe, sun-kissed bananas. These thinly sliced beauties are carefully dehydrated to retain their natural sweetness and create the perfect...
Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS) - Origin Bulk Store

Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS)

Batu Seremban, is a Malaysian childhood game. It is a multi-level game that requires good hand-eye coordination. To play, throw a stone up in the air, pick up the remaining...
Blessing 100th - Origin Bulk Store

Blessing 100th

Introducing our brand new full moon gift set! Proud parents gift auspicious items to friends and family during the celebrations. Red eggs and ginger were chosen as gifts for guests...