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Our eco-gift boxes are tailor made to fit our jars of goodies perfectly, either 3 big jar or 3 small jars.
This canvas fabric bag of ours, fits 6 big jars perfectly. Material: Canvas
Gym goers, this is the mix for you! Consist of almond and cashew the two most protein-packed nuts to help reduce your hunger and cravings. At the same time, it repairs and helps build your...
Itching for something buttery and crunchy to munch on? Not only Almond & Pecan mix is crunchy, but they also have the nutty fragrant and a slight tinge of sweetness. Just the perfect snack to...
Almonds, pecans and walnuts somehow look like train trail, aren’t they? Hence the name! Also because its the perfect snack as you trail the city, the wild or just snacking on your couch. The buttery...
Some are desperately looking forward to returning to office, some not so. Whatever your position is, we want you well-prepared with a nutritious stash of snacks nearby so you can power through the changes. This...
  Packaging Choose between Aluminium brown bag or Glass Jar packaging. We only charge a minimal packaging fee of RM0.80 for aluminium brown bag and RM2.00 for glass jar as our initiative to keep the world...
Breakfast Mix (230g / 370g)
Muesli for breakfast is just heavenly. Even better when you make them yourself! The Breakfast Mix contains most of the ingredients to kick-start your day - almonds, cashews hazelnuts and pecans. Simply add rolled oats...
Bundle of Joy 6-Jar Eco Gift Hamper package contains the following items: Pecan Trail Mix* (Small-200g; Big-330g) Royal Mix** (Small-250g; Big-380g) Dried Cranberries (Small-220g; Big-370g) Dried Mixed Fruits (Small-60g; Big-100g) Oat Cookies by Kintry (Small-130g; Big-250g) Roasted Pistachios (Small-190g; Big-320g) *  Almonds,...
This mix consists of roasted cashews, roasted pecans and roasted walnuts. Each nuts has its own texture of crunchiness and the mix of 3 are perfect. You can either have this on its own, mix...
Obviously, this mix is created for fans of cashews and pecans only. Do you know what makes our mix stands out among the rest? Every single jar is mix to order, and our target timeline...
Have a stash of cookies nearby when you need a little cheering up. This package includes: Pecan Mix (Small - 200g; Big - 330g) Cashew Mix (Small - 190g; Big - 310g) Nourish & Nibs...
Dried shiitake mushrooms bring us back to our childhood days of grandmother’s cuisine. She would use them in stir-fry's, soups and steamed dishes, adding a savoury flavour to her cooking. And yes. Chinese New Year...
Does your father LOVE munchies? Then this series is just for him! We offer five different gift packs in big and small sizes to fit your needs. And each gift pack feature options of freshly...
Apparently, some nutrients are actually higher in dried apricots compared to those in the fresh fruit. While we can’t substantiate this claim, we know that dried apricots are good for your health. Despite losing its...
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My kids' new healthy snack
Glad our pistachios are well received by your kids. We certainly regret with our stock issue. We wanted to source it from alternate suppliers. Unfortunately, the qualities we tasted did not match up to the brand we used to have. So we decided to be patient and wait. Hopefully, the container would arrive to our shore soon.