The Zero-waste Journey

I have been a zero-waste advocate since embracing this unconventional lifestyle back in September 2017.

It was surprising that my random attendance at a community talk turned out to be life-changing.

I was deeply inspired by a 40-minute talk given by Claire Chancelot, the founder of Malaysia's first zero waste store. The Hive, and I gradually adopted the lifestyle one step at a time.

Be it BYO containers, or zero waste feminine care, I got really into this eco lifestyle.

Within a few months, I found that I had benefited tremendously in various aspects of my life: financially, physically, socially, and spiritually. This experience made me eager to share with the world.

Since then, I have been giving zero waste talks to the community. I am also a speaker for Zero Waste Malaysia and have had the privilege of delivering Zero Waste talks to various corporations and organizations.

In these talks, we focus on:

1. How we can benefit ourselves while leading an eco-friendly lifestyle,

2. The 5Rs of Zero Waste Principles,

3. Navigating social situations gracefully to mitigate or avoid waste, and

4. Sharing access to low waste lifestyle choices.

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