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Banana Chips - Origin Bulk Store

Banana Chips

Our Banana Chips are a delightful and guilt-free snack made from ripe, sun-kissed bananas. These thinly sliced beauties are carefully dehydrated to retain their natural sweetness and create the perfect...
Blessing 100th - Origin Bulk Store

Blessing 100th

Introducing our brand new full moon gift set! Proud parents gift auspicious items to friends and family during the celebrations. Red eggs and ginger were chosen as gifts for guests...
Bombay (Deepavali Gift Box) - Origin Bulk Store

Bombay (Deepavali Gift Box)

This Deepavali Gift Package includes: 1 small jar of Pecan Mix (210g) 1 small jar of Hearty Mix (200g) 1 small tin of Scented Candle (Random) 1 small Deepavali box...
Brazil Nuts (Non Roasted) - Origin Bulk Store

Brazil Nuts (Raw)

Brazil NutsBrazil Nuts, nature's treasure, are the stars of our product. Sourced from the lush Amazon rainforests, these large and flavorful nuts are renowned for their rich taste and exceptional...
Breakfast Mix (230g / 370g) - Origin Bulk Store

Breakfast Mix Nuts

Muesli for breakfast is just heavenly. Even better when you make them yourself! The Breakfast Mix contains most of the ingredients to kick-start your day - almonds, cashews hazelnuts and...
Bundle of Joy - Eco Gift Bag

Bundle of Joy - Eco Gift Bag

Bundle of Joy - 6 big jars  Eco Gift Bag contains the following items: Breakfast Mix (Big Jar - 370g) Cashew Mix (Big Jar - 310g) Mixed Fruit Chips (Big Jar...
Calcutta (Deepavali Gift Bag)

Calcutta (Deepavali Gift Bag)

This Deepavali Gift Package includes: 1 small jar of Hearty Mix (200g) 1 small jar of Apricots (260g) 1 big bag of Murukku 1 small bag of Pistachios (150g) 1...
Carol of the Bells (Xmas Gift Box)

Carol of the Bells (Xmas Gift Box)

As the magical Christmas Carol fills the air, it’s the sign that the joyous holiday is near! Prepare the heartiest and the warmest gift for your friends and family with...
Cashew Mix (190g / 310g) - Origin Bulk Store

Cashew Mix Nuts

This mix consists of roasted cashews, roasted pecans and roasted walnuts. Each nuts has its own texture of crunchiness and the mix of 3 are perfect. You can either have...
Cashew Pecan Mix (200g / 300g) - Origin Bulk Store

Cashew Pecan Mix Nuts

Obviously, this mix is created for fans of cashews and pecans only. Do you know what makes our mix stands out among the rest? Every single jar is mix to...
Ceria (Raya Gift Bag)

Ceria (Raya Gift Bag)

This package includes: 1 small jar of Pineapple Mix (160g)  1 small jar of Dried Cranberries (200g) 1 small jar of Roasted Pistachios (190g) 1 box Honey with Joy 1 pc of Raya Greeting Card 1 unit of small...
Cheers! Great Mom Confinement set

Cheers! Great Mom Confinement set

This gift set includes: 1) 1 small jar of Dried Scallop (250g) 2) 1 small jar of Radix Codonopsis 党参 (120g) 3) 1 big jar of Breakfast Mix (370g) 4) 1 big jar of Goji Berries (300g) 5) 1 big jar of...