Eco Canvas Bag

Eco canvas bag

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Our cloth bags give us just that feeling: joy.

Since the founding of Origin Bulk Store in September last year, we have endeavored to align our process and procedures with our mission of adopting a zero waste lifestyle.

Packaging is crucial if we want to truly aim for zero waste. But not just any kind of packaging will do. We wanted something beautiful and at the same time practical to fit all the goodies ordered by our customers.

We started by sourcing second-hand shopping bags from our families and friends. We quickly realised that we were creating a demand for shopping bags which contradicted with what we preached.

After 12 months in operation, we decided that packing our orders in a canvas bag is best. The fabric is strong enough to hold our glass jars as it can carry five times more weight than plastic bags. It can be cleaned when it is dirty and patched when it is torn. It is also decompostable.

Origin Eco Canvas Bag

Anything of value comes with a price. The resources required to produce a canvas bag is about 400 times that of a plastic bag. Thus, to ensure that they are valued as they should be, we require these bags to be returned together with the empty jars.

Customers can opt to keep the bag, with a small fee from RM6 per bag (available in various sizes). This is sustainable business. And we hope you will continue being part of it.

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