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Organic Chia Seeds (Bulk Pack) - Origin Bulk Store
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RM46.00 RM49.00
Chia seeds are fascinatingly cute. Especially after being soaked. You often find this superfood in little plastic containers on the counters of juice and salad bars. And they have become a mainstay on the menu...
Organic Golden Flaxseeds (Bulk Pack) - Origin Bulk Store
RM16.00 RM19.00
The Golden Flaxseed is health's Gold Shield against heart diseases and cancer. Loaded with health-protective nutrients like Omega-3, the flaxseeds help to prevent cholesterol from being deposited in the heart's blood vessels, reduce artery inflammation...
Organic Sunflower Seeds (Bulk Pack) - Origin Bulk Store
RM36.00 RM39.00
Sunflower seeds may be tiny. But they are packed with nutrients like vitamin E and selenium that are good for your heart and help fight inflammation. Grab a handful for a crunchy snack or add them...
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Walnut Trail Mix (Bulk Pack)
Amy Yong (Kajang, MY)
Repeating customers

I am a repeating customer. As always, product is received on time, is fresh and its value for money. Will continue to buy for sure.

Hi 5 Mix (Bulk Pack)
Anna (Cheras, MY)
My Favorite

I’ve been a fan of Hi 5 Mix for over a year. Delicious; highly recommended!

Special Mix (220g / 330g)
Mei Yin Lee (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Special Mix Review

Loved it - everything in it tasted fresh and crunchy

Raw Almonds (USA)
Samantha Burns (Kota Kinabalu, MY)
Raw almonds

Good quality and great for a snack.

Medjool Dates (Bulk Pack)
Samantha Burns (Kota Kinabalu, MY)
Delicious and great quality

These dates are delicious and great for a quick snack or in a cake or desert.