Healthy Mix Nuts


Size: Small Bag (180g)

Small Bag (180g)
Small Jar (180g)
Big bag (300g)
Big Jar (300g)
Bulk Bag (600g)

Healthy Mix

The Healthy Mix is a wholesome and nutritious blend designed to support your well-being. This thoughtfully crafted combination features premium walnuts and almonds, along with tangy cranberries. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its nutritional benefits, creating a power-packed mix that's both delicious and good for you. The walnuts and almonds provide a satisfying crunch and are rich in healthy fats, protein, and essential minerals. The addition of cranberries adds a burst of sweet and tart flavor, while also contributing antioxidants and dietary fiber. This mix is the perfect choice for those seeking a nourishing snack that helps fuel their active lifestyle. Whether enjoyed as a convenient on-the-go snack, sprinkled over salads, or incorporated into baked goods, the Healthy Mix is a tasty and nutritious way to support your overall health and wellness.

Ingredients: Roasted Almonds, Roasted Walnuts and Dried Cranberries.

Choose between aluminium brown bag or glass jar for your mix’s packaging. We only charge a minimal packaging fee of RM1.00 for aluminium brown bag and RM4.00 for glass jar as our initiative to keep the world eco-healthy!

Price per 100g: RM10.30 plus the packaging price of your choice.

* Only aluminium brown bags are available for standard shipments to Singapore and East Malaysia.

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