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Sourdough Bread - Origin Bulk Store

Artisonal Sourdough Bread


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Artisonal Sourdough Bread

Just the mention of sourdough makes our mouths water. With its tangy, tart taste, sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread since ancient Egyptian times. 

The biology and chemistry of sourdough make it different from other types of bread, providing us a myriad of health benefits. Not only is sourdough bread giving the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, it also supports your gut health. Its bacteria-yeast composition breaks down the starches found in the grains before even reaching your stomach.

Delight someone with this sourdough bread. 

As sourdough bread is highly perishable, this sourdough gift set is strictly for Klang Valley rider's delivery only with the rider fees below

0 - 20km from Sg Besi - RM15.00
21 - 30km from Sg Besi - RM30.00

Please choose respective rider delivery at check out.

Each loaf will be sliced for your convenience. 

Sourdough bread information
Weight: 400g to 500g
Ingredients: Levain, Bread Flour, Himalaya Salt, Mixed Herbs, Water

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