Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS) - Origin Bulk Store
Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS) - Origin Bulk Store
Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS) - Origin Bulk Store

Batu Seremban - Batik (TCS)


Color: 5 Stones (Random Colour)

5 Stones (Random Colour)

Batu Seremban, is a Malaysian childhood game. It is a multi-level game that requires good hand-eye coordination. To play, throw a stone up in the air, pick up the remaining stones on the floor (one stone in Level 1, two stones in Level 2, etc.), and then catch the falling stone. The challenge? You can’t touch the stones that you aren’t intending to pick up!

There are many variations to this game, so feel free to get creative and design more challenging levels!

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the game, brought to you by Leaderonomics Media. Let us know whenever you get to Level 6!

Content: 1 drawstring pouch and 5 stones

Colour: Random, based on availability.

Size: Stones measure approximately 1.25 inches each

P/S: Please allow a difference of ~0.25″ in measurements because these stones are hand-sewn.

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) is the first not-for-profit organisation in Malaysia dedicated restoring depleted wild turtle populations of freshwater turtles in the country. This is done through research, conservation, rehabilitation, education and public outreach.

TCL initiated a community empowerment programme in 2019 to encourage, support and empower the women in the local communities in Kemaman, Terengganu, to earn a sustainable living through making turtle-batik handicrafts and merchandise from home.

This programme provided a platform for local women to build their capacity as tailors and entrepreneurs. The majority of the women did not have any prior sewing skills or experience.

Through this programme, local women can now purchase necessities for their children, build a financial net with an emergency fund for their families and become financially sustainable. Most importantly, they are able to help their family during these tough times.


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