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Hearty Trail Mix


Size: Small Bag (200g)

Small Bag (200g)
Small Jar (200g)
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Big Jar (320g)
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We have a confession to make: we aren’t nut specialists. So when it comes to making trail mixes, we learn from the experts.

There are many established brands of quality trail mixes, but for us, Nature’s Wonders stands out. The original brand, Tai Sun, was founded in 1966 in Singapore, starting out as a cottage industry. Over 50 years later, it is now a leading producer of quality snack foods with presence in more than 10 countries worldwide. And here’s a fun fact: their nuts are also “traveling” around the world, being served in prestigious Singapore Airlines flights.

Our Hearty Mix is following one of Nature’s Wonders mixes. As the name suggests, this mix is a selection of premium dried fruits and nuts that are good for the heart. Featuring pecan as its main ingredient, this delicious nut is packed with vitamins and minerals. Pecans also have the highest antioxidant content of any tree nut! Combined with cashew nuts, goji berries and dried cranberries, the Hearty Mix is simply bursting with an abundance of heart-healthy nutrients. So what are you waiting for? Get this perfect combo of dried fruits and nuts for an energising snack throughout your busy day.

Best to consume within a month after purchase. This way you are able to taste the distinct savory flavour of each ingredient. The taste of goodness may fade away if left mixed for too long.

Choose between aluminium brown bag or glass jar for your mix’s packaging. We only charge a minimal packaging fee of RM1.00 for aluminium brown bag and RM4.00 for glass jar as our initiative to keep the world eco-healthy!

Price per 100g: RM13.00 plus the packaging price of your choice.

* Only aluminium brown bags are available for standard shipments to Singapore and East Malaysia.

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