Honey With Joy


Size: 3 x 40g

3 x 40g

Honey With Joy by Jungle House

A limited-edition gift box, “Honey with Joy” allows you to have 3 different natural flavour of honey in a box. Each of the 40-gram mini honey is a warm introduction to our delicious honey as it allows you a peek into its nutritious taste. It can be a perfect gift to someone meaningful to you. 

Jungle Heart (40g)
Jungle Heart is a strawberry flavoured honey that is harvested from a strawberry flower in the organic farm. It's sweet savour and thin texture not only satisfy the taste buds of children but also provides them with a gentle relief for cough, flu, sore throat, sinus and asthma. No wonder it’s a child’s best friend!

Sweettooth (40g)
With a sweetened fresh mango after taste, this mango flavoured honey is a sweet paradise for mango lovers. Its organic fruity flavour and smooth texture will definitely satisfy that sweet craving! As for its benefits, Sweet Tooth provides an effective solution for digestion issues such as constipation and bacterial infections.

Jungle’s Eye (40g) 
With a fresh taste of longan, Jungle Eye comes in handy when in dire need of skin improvement. Due to its rich antibacterial properties, this dark brown shade nectar aids in the nourishment of one’s skin and the healing of wounds. So, if you are looking to achieve that flawless skin, you know who to look to.


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