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Organic Chia Seeds (Bolivia)


Size: Small Bag (270g)

Small Bag (270g)
Small Jar (270g)
Big Bag (450g)
Big Jar (450g)
Bulk Bag (1kg)

Chia seeds are fascinatingly cute. Especially after being soaked. You often find this superfood in little plastic containers on the counters of juice and salad bars. And they have become a mainstay on the menu of trendy cafés. For good reason. They are loaded with nutrients that benefit your body, with very few calories. In fact, "chia" is the ancient Mayan word for "strength." Want to enjoy them at home? Add them to granolas and cereals, to porridge, puddings, yogurts and smoothies.

Choose between aluminium brown bag or glass jar for your mix’s packaging. We only charge a minimal packaging fee of RM1.00 for aluminium brown bag and RM4.00 for glass jar as our initiative to keep the world eco-healthy!

Price per 100g: RM6.80 plus the packaging price of your choice.

* Only aluminium brown bags are available for standard shipments to Singapore and East Malaysia.

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