[GETHA X OBS] Sweet Dream Confinement Set - Origin Bulk Store
[GETHA X OBS] Sweet Dream Confinement Set - Origin Bulk Store

[GETHA X OBS] Sweet Dream Confinement Set


Style: Box


Introducing this care box for New Mothers: Relax, Recharge and Boost Your Breast Milk Production. It is the perfect gift for a new mother. It includes highly essential items that will be in good use for her during her confinement. We understand that coping with breastfeeding and raising a newborn can be exhausting, so we curated this gift set with practicality and usefulness in mind. In this gift set, you will find:

  1. 1 unit of Getha Sleep Balm (50ml): This sleep balm is infused with lavender and orange essential oils that will calm the nervous system and relax the mind, helping new mothers get the quality sleep they yearn for.

  2. 1 small bag of Hearty Mix (200g):  This mixture of aromatic pecans, nourishing cashews, goji berries, and cranberries is a perfect snack to keep new mothers fueled throughout the day.

  3. 1 small bag of Almond Mix (200g): This mixture of roasted almonds, roasted pecans, and roasted walnuts is another snack packed with nourishing ingredients.

  4. 1 small bag of Medjool Dates (250g): These sweet and chewy dates are a rich source of nutrients and can also help boost breast milk production.

  5. 1 small bag of Goji Berries (190g): Also known as wolfberries, are claimed to be anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Highly essential to be added into lactation tea for new mothers during confinement.

  6. Personalised Gift Card: A personalised message adds a special touch to the gift set.

  7. 1 unit of Box / Origin Bulk Store reusable small Jute Bag: Portable and durable can be used daily, such as carrying books, phones, wallets, cosmetics, glasses, umbrellas, etc.

Each item in this gift set is useful for new mothers, making their lives easier during a time when they are adjusting to motherhood. We have carefully curated this gift set, taking into consideration what new mothers need the most during this crucial period.

Order now and give the gift of relaxation, nourishment, and support to a new mother.

Note :
This gift set does not include any additional props used for the photoshoot. All photos have been edited and filtered, therefore colour may vary slightly from actual product.

For deliveries to Singapore and East Malaysia, we are unable to send glass jar packaging due to the high risk of breakage. Instead, we will be using brown Kraft Packs.

If you need the gift box earlier or have any special requests, do email at admin@originbulkstore.com, or WhatsApp us at +6017 698 3160.

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