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If I were to name my biggest reward of my zero waste lifestyle, it would be the use of washable pad. Since the use my first cycle in September last year, I would never one to go back to the use of disposable pad. The reason is simple, washable pad makes my life easier.

Firstly, I can keep one concern off my head “Is my pad run out?” The fundamental beauty of reusable principle is the ability to turn single-use item to long-time use. I would never need to concern that it runs out, the need to rush to a 24-hour convenient store to get it. Of course, it also saves me big bucks from my toiletries bill as I only bought once. Above all, I strongly believe that the use of washable pad is a heathier choice. Disposable pad is just a piece of plastic, full of chemicals and we are placing it at our most sensitive area.

“It is so gross!”, “That’s so unhygienic!” These are the common reactions or responses I have received personally. My question is, what is more gross then letting our own used disposable pads sitting at the landfills for 400 years?

The wash of used washable pad is similar to our inner garments. During my shower, I wash off the blood stains with strong water hose, and throw it into the washing machine with my other laundry.

I understand that some women are do not like to mix the personal laundry with others. Hand wash is not complicated either. The steps are as follow.

  1. Just wash off the blood stains with strong water hose.
  2. Soak it overnight with room temperature water, natural soap and baking soda.
  3. Subsequently, rub off the remaining blood stain with hands.
  4. Air dry under the sun.

Washable Reusable Cloth Pad

Some BFF share with me that they hesitate to use the pad as they are out for long hours, it isn’t hygienic not changing it for whole day. The solution for this is to use the Freedom Cup.

Freedom Menstrual Cup

Photo credit: Freedom Cup Facebook Page