Zero Waste Movement

It's already mid-August 2023, can you believe it? Around 70% of the year has flown by in what seems like the blink of an eye.It's already mid-August 2023, can you believe it? Around 70% of the year has flown by in what seems like the blink of an eye.




I'm thrilled to share that recent events have allowed me to present my personal zero waste lifestyle journey at UCSI University.

No matter how many times I've given this talk, I take each session to heart. You never know the impact you can make.



My own journey began when I randomly attended a session like this by Claire Sancelot, which inspired me to adopt this lifestyle. This path ultimately led to the founding of Origin Bulk Store. 



 Now, if your main interest lies in discussing climate change or the greenhouse effect, my sharing might not fully meet your expectations. 

Instead, I focus on illustrating how incorporating the zero waste 5R's into my everyday life has made me a more content person. I attribute this to four main areas of benefit I've encountered - financial, health, social, and spiritual.  



Financial: By adopting this lifestyle, I'm less influenced by sales, only purchasing what I truly need. My shopping habits have become more conscious and mindful. Opting for reusable items over disposable ones has led to substantial savings. Plus, there's no longer a need to constantly restock disposable products.
Health: To minimize my carbon footprint, I consume significantly less processed food, which often comes with excessive packaging. Reducing my intake of canned food has improved my health. Consequently, it means consuming fewer soft drinks and beers, as they're usually only available in cans.




Social: To avoid buying new items for one-time use, I opt to borrow when it makes sense.
A genuine social connection is vital, and I feel more bonded with my circle of friends when I ensure borrowed items are cared for and returned promptly, accompanied by a thankful gesture.



Spiritual: The most profound blessings from this lifestyle are spiritual, primarily because I've taken responsibility for our shared home, Mother Earth.


I find living a zero waste lifestyle therapeutic, especially when I tally the units of waste (single-use plastic) I've saved our planet from. It fills my heart with joy.
Thanks for reading till here. Would you go for a zero waste challenge?
With love, Huay Ping