Nuts: Spice your meals up with nuts

It’s boring, throw in some nuts!

We are novelty-seeking creatures. If we’ve been munching on the same taste and texture for too long, we’d get sick of it and before we know it, we’ll look for something new to eat. Fortunately, the world has an abundant variety of food but we don’t have time to name all of them. So we’re just going to talk about nuts today because that’s all we know!

If you’re bored of your everyday meals, fret not, Origin’s nuts are here to spice things up! Here are some of the ways you can use Origin’s nuts as your meal’s plus-one.

Go nuts with cheese for Appetiser

Cheese with nuts

Cheese lovers, we know you can never get bored of cheese but who says you can’t make them taste better? How? Eat them with Origin’s almond! Almonds actually go well with matured cheddar, especially in wine parties. It creates that savoury soft-solid mix as soon as you chew on them. That’s not all, the earthy-sweet almond just blends perfectly with the creamy cheddar! Just thinking of it just makes you salivate.

Top it on Salad as your main

Add nuts to salads

Looking to eat healthy? It’s important to watch out for your macros and calories but micronutrients are equally as important! Throw in some Omega -3 into your Salad mix by adding Origin’s walnut! How’s a bowl of salad prepared in Origin Bulk Store? Simple, just add cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, drizzle some salad dressing of your choice (keep it light please, not mayonnaise) into your favourite bowl. At the end of it top it with walnut and your low-calorie high nutrient meal is ready!

Sprinkle it on your Ice Cream for desert

Sprinkle nuts with ice cream

It’s time to get creative with our ice cream. Instead of buying those expensive ones off the shelf, why not add some nuts on our own. It would taste equally premium! Simply sprinkle Origin’s almonds, cashew and pecans on ice-cream flavour of your choice! We recommend vanilla and chocolate because we’ve tried it and it blew our mind.

Your meals will never get boring again. Spice them up with Origin!