Inspired by Women and Built by Women

Our brand has been inspired by women and built by women. 💜

I’d like to share my personal story. In February 2016, I left my corporate job. Simply because i felt I could do more outside corporate, but nothing happened subsequently. I became a housewife by default, taking care of my 4 years old daughter. I suddenly had lots of free I went on Instagram. There, I found Anabelle Co-Martinent of La Juiceria.


Wow! She kindled a fire in me as I read about her journey as a foreigner building her business from scratch to where it is today. It surely wasn’t a walk in the park. “Would I be able to do the same?” One fateful night on September 2017, I attended a zero-waste talk by Claire Sancelot of The Hive.


By the end of the talk, I was sold. From that day on, I embraced the zero-waste lifestyle. I also became one of the pioneering members to Zero Waste Malaysia.


Because I deeply believed in the zero-waste lifestyle and wanted to share them with others (also, because I needed a job), I founded Origin Bulk Store with my beloved friend, Fu Swee Yun.


I met many wonderful and supportive women in my journey of building this small business, especially Michelle Chai of Kintry.


After getting to know the Kintry brand at a roadshow back in September 2019 and meeting in-person shortly after, we felt connected and became close friends. No words can describe my gratitude towards her as we navigate the mutual challenges of supply, manpower, logistics, pricing, customer service...and of course, motherhood.


If I were to choose a starting point of OBS though, it would really be the amazing woman who gave me life: my mother, my No.1 role model. At 71, she still clocks in at least eight hours, seven days a week, in the provision shop in Malacca, opened in 1978 till today. My iron lady mom inspires me to keep striving.

To all the women who have contributed to building OBS, thank you. I appreciate you.