Journaling: A Mindfulness Practice (Part 2)

In the previous blog post, we learned that journaling is a mindfulness practice where you can track habits and set goals. Here, we will share two more ways you can use journaling for.

3) Processing your day

What are three things you’re grateful for? What is one lesson you’ve learned today? What was the highlight and lowlight of the day? Have you contributed or added value to someone else’s life? What are your values, your talents, your unique interests and gifts? Who are "you", ready to emerge this year?

Journaling - gratitudeJournaling - lesson learned

All your experiences have merit. Therefore, they are translatable lessons we can learn from. But unless we consciously reflect on our day, week, month or year, we'll miss those important lessons. Journaling is a way to focus on what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve grown, and uncover patterns or themes about ourselves.

You'll be surprised to find that you really DID accomplish a significant amount of growth. And from there, gratitude flows. And you'll know what really matters.

4) Inspiration

What inspires you? Where do you go for inspiration? How do you store inspiration?

When you get ideas, quotes, questions, reminders or affirmations, you want to write them down.

Because life is tough and we all need inspiration from time to time.

Journaling - what makes me happyJournaling - what I love about myself

When we don’t feel like talking to anyone, or consuming anything media-related, we can open up our journal. The words or drawings we put down on paper may jump back at us – nudging us to the whisper of our deepest truth and calling. So open yourself up to the answers you’ve been seeking and the messages from the Universe that have been attempting to get through to you.

So if you find yourself overwhelmed by these uncertain and changing times, we hope you’ll get up and grab a pen and paper.

Because we’re all in this together.


Mindfulness is key to stay centred in a wild world, and journaling is a mindfulness practice to help you live intentionally so you can stay centred. Journaling is an exercise that is not just simple and therapeutic, it takes only a few minutes a day. It can help you track habits, set goals, process your day and become a source of inspiration.

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Written by: Cheryl Cheah
Full-time working mother of four young children
Active Toastmaster of MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur